Hi and welcome to the blog SandraEmilia!

My name is Sandra and I’m a 25 year old influencer, which means that you can find me here on the blog, on youtube, Instagram and pinterest. I’m also a business owner, running my own company SandraEmilia and the style consultant company VOGA Styling, together with my colleagues Robert & Heidi. Another big interest of mine is health and working out. I work out almost every day, always focusing on eating good, organic food that is mostly vegetarian or vegan. The focus of this blog and my other channels are therefore fashion, but also entrepreneurship and health. My wish is that this blog will inspire YOU!

I want to inspire YOU to be the best version of yourself, I want you to follow YOUR dreams and I want to inspire you to see all the beautiful things in this world and to create the best life possible for yourself!

I hope this sounds good! Yes? Then LET’S GO!
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